Pricing, policies and rules

No matter your budget, you can come to QuiltCon! Pick and chose the right passes for you.

Per Lecture $15 non-members, $12.75 members

Full-Day $175 non-members, $149 members — includes a four-day show pass
Half-day $90 non-members, $77 members — includes a four-day show pass

Show Passes
Four-day $35 non-members, $29.75 members — includes admission to the quilt show and vendor hall
One-day $10 non-members, $8.50 members — includes admission to the quilt show and vendor hall

Special Events
Yoga Workshops $15 non-members, $12.75 members
Special Exhibit Tours $15 non-members, $12.75 members
Moda Party $10 non-members, $8.50 members
QuiltCon Awards Ceremony $15 non-members, Free to members
MQG General Session Free to members-only
Demonstrations Free with show pass admission


  • Four-day show passes are included with all workshops.
  • Members who spend $399 or more get a goodie bag.


  • Workshop prices are based on the duration of the class. We offer full-day workshops and half- day workshops.
  • No discounts are available for onsite registration or passes.

Refunds & Cancellation Policy

Once you have registered for QuiltCon, a grace period to drop classes and receive a full refund will last until July 30. After that time, refunds will not be offered if you cancel your registration. 

  • If there is a waitlist, there will be a $50 fee to transfer your registration, and you will be refunded the cost of the workshop. 
  • If there is not a waitlist, you are welcome to transfer your registration to another person for a $50 fee. QuiltCon will not refund the money you paid for the workshop; however, you may work out payment arrangements directly with the person to whom you’re transferring your registration. Please be sure to contact to finalize the transfer of your registration once payment has been arranged.
  • It can take up to 5 business days to process transfers and refunds.

This policy applies to all QuiltCon registrations (show passes, lecture passes, special events, and workshops).



  • Please do not touch the quilts.
  • Smoking permitted in designated outdoor areas only.
  • No food or drink outside of designated areas.
  • Lost and Found is located at the registration desk in the palazzo.
  • Rolling carts and luggage are prohibited; however strollers are allowed.
  • Photography is permitted throughout the convention center. 
    • Friends and family want to see all the cool 
things you saw at QuiltCon. Feel free to share 
your photos with them. 
    • Do not use photos for commercial purposes.
    • Please disable any services on photo sharing websites that would permit viewers to order goods with the image printed on it. 
    • When posting photos of quilts on your blog, please credit the quilt maker. Tip: take a picture of the label, too, so you have all the information on hand!
    • When photographing vendor booths, please first ask the vendor if they permit photography.
    • Use the #quiltcon hashtag!
  • QuiltCon policy on children: 
    • Supervised children of all ages are welcome 
on the show floor. 
    • Children over the age of 10 are permitted in the lecture hall with a purchased pass. 
    • Babes-in-arms are welcome in the lecture hall.
  • Some quilts in the exhibition area are for sale. Please check the label to find details. If you are interested in purchasing a quilt, please inquire at the registration desk in the palazzo.

When participating in workshops, please follow these guidelines: 

  • Please silence your cell phones. 
  • Bring required materials, cut and prepared as stated in the workshop supply list.
  • Supply lists are available online.
  • If you forget something, remember, the vendors will likely have what you need! 
  • Ask your instructor for permission to take photos of workshop quilts or instructional materials.
  • All quilts, handouts, and other class materials shared by the instructor are the copyright of the instructor.
  • Please ask if you have questions regarding how you intend to use the materials outside of the workshop. 
  • If the workshop is not what you thought it would be, please try to enjoy learning a new skill or technique and stay for the duration of the session.


Quilt in QuiltCon banner is "Fireworks" by Tara Faughnan.