Special Exhibits

The Quilts of Gee’s Bend
The 2002 nationwide exhibition of seventy Gee’s Bend quilts transformed the art world and are a keystone to the rise of the modern quilt movement. The inventive and distinctive quilt compositions, characterized by improvisation and geometric simplicity, have been passed on for at least four generations from a distinctive quilt making tradition.

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Modern Materials, Quilts of the 1970s
From the Collection of Bill Volckening
Until recently, nobody paid much attention to the quilts of the 1970s. The barely-vintage bedcovers seemed outdated, and for decades they were unwanted and sold for next to nothing. During the last few years, to a handful of influential collectors, the quilts of the 1970s started to seem like more than free-spirited eye-candy. Many of the quilts were made with modern materials, polyester double knits, giving them a decidedly hip, lowbrow appeal today. Bold and bright as the day they were made, the quilts embody the 1970s , a vibrant time in American history when renewed interest in quilt making was sparked by the arts and crafts revival and fueled by the feminist movement and the Bicentennial. Collector Bill Volckening of Portland, Oregon, has more than 100 quilts from the 1970s in his personal collection, which includes more than 250 quilts made between 1760 and present day. Visit Bill’s website at: www.billvolckening.com
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Pieced with Love: The Quilts of Do.Good.Stitches
Currently fueled by social media and emerging technology, the legacy of compassion, generosity and good will lives on through the time-honored tradition of making quilts for those in need.  Rachel Hauser, of Stitched In Color, is the founding force behind Do.Good.Stitches {a Charity bee}. She and hundreds of generous souls participating in this online community give back by doing something they love; using fabric, design concepts and piecing styles consistent with the modern quilting aesthetic. This exhibit showcases a small selection of the nearly two hundred quilts Do.Good.Stitches donates annually to organizations both near and far.
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Modern Quilt Guild’s 2014 Quilts of the Month
Each month, Modern Quilt Guild members receive a free pattern, designed by an MQG member. The twelve quilts from 2014 will be hanging in one exhibit.
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Special Exhibit Tour
Bill Volckening
Friday morning before the show opens, join Bill Volckening for an exclusive tour of the special exhibits. Bill will share his knowledge of quiting and quilt history to bring life and excitement to these special quilts. In this interactive experience, attendees will be able to ask questions and gain a new appreciation of the special exhibits.
Friday, 9-10 am SOLD OUT
Saturday, 9-10 am
Sunday, 9-10 am 
$15 non-members, $12.75 members

Quilt in QuiltCon banner is "Fireworks" by Tara Faughnan.