Colorado Beauty by the Boulder MQG

by Anne Deister

Colorado Beauty

Colorado Beauty

2017 marked the fourth year that the BoulderMQG has participated in the QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge. It's always been a great way to bring our members together for a common cause. The theme of modern traditionalism was also something our members felt especially connected to.

As the project coordinator, I took a few block ideas to one of our evening guild meetings and we discussed the concepts as a group. After working with mostly prints the previous year, it was decided to work in all solids this time.

One of the original concepts used in the Colorado Beauty block is an unconventional layout to create the feeling of mountains. Members responded well to the overall look but wanted more individual input, so we decided to have everyone make their favorite traditional block with a finished size of 12". Surprisingly, no one chose the same block.

Using the solids we provided, most members made their blocks at home. The only design constraint was to divide the background colors within their block on an angle using the yellow and dark blue. Since most people chose blocks that used 45 degree angles within the block design, breaking the background colors into two areas of color wasn't too difficult. Plus, the angles worked quite well in establishing the mountain feeling of the design.


Once the blocks were completed, we played with block placement based on the mountain concept until the design felt balanced. The top was then pieced together in long vertical columns by sewing strips of background colors to the tops and bottoms of the blocks. Both the quilt layout and sewing of the top was completed during an open sew with the help of several members.


From there, it came home with me to piece the backing. Then our 2017 guild president took over to work her free-motion magic. Things got a little delayed at this point when she experienced major machine problems, but in the end it all worked out beautifully. Good thing we had a little extra time built into the schedule.

Here is "Colorado Beauty" finished and ready for shipping off to QuiltCon 2018.

We hope you got a chance to see our quilt as well as all the quilts made by other guilds from around the world. It's truly amazing and inspiring to see so many quilts that share a common color scheme, design theme, and diversity of design and creativity. Thanks for reading our story.


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Riane Menardi