Medallion by the "Eastern Peacers"

By Kathleen Conway

The “Eastern Peacers” are all individual members that were assigned by MQG to be a team to create a quilt design. We talked over all the possibilities by “chatting” on our own Facebook group. We posted many pictures, patterns, tutorials, and searches until our final choice was made of the traditional quilt design: the "Medallion" quilt.

It’s one of the earliest styles of tops made in the United States. This quilt design has been used in Round Robin quilting for centuries.

Pictured: Jodi Palinkas

Pictured: Jodi Palinkas

The top begins with a center that is the focal point made by Jodi Palinkas in New York. Jodi used a foundation paper pieced pattern called "celestial star" from Diane Bohn. It’s an 18" square consisting of 132 pieces of Kona solid fabric for our medallion center.

Onto Washington D.C. as the design builds outward from center panel in a series of borders. Lash Ursula Gregg used her Apple Pencil and iPad Pro to sketch out her design of the first complimentary border.

Pictured: Elise Lipton Rothbard

Pictured: Elise Lipton Rothbard

Massachusetts is the next stop with border designer Elise Lipton Rothbard, who put movement into the top with some “mod” style flying geese including pretty white fabric pieced to another solid white fabric giving a textured look in the cornerstones.

Then the top is mailed to Beverly Fears in Massachusetts. The quilt got numerous contemporary houses in the border and flying geese corner stones. The top is traveling through the mail to Leslie Esterrich in the state of Virginia.

This border adds colorful stripy piano keys and quarter log cabin cornerstones.

Off to Maine for Courtney Marchelletta, who designs some long linear borders that draw the eye in a vertical direction.

Onto Pennsylvania to Kathleen Conway for the final border. There’s a variety of saw tooth, star and wonky log cabin blocks in the borders, which she learned how to make from Gwen Marston’s books.

Then in PA. the quilting process happens on a Statler Longarm machine. The digitized patterns were designed by Anita Shackleford, Kim Diamond, Linda Taylor and Statler. Each border received it’s own unique quilting treatment.

Every border has it’s own song to sing to the world. We hope looking at our quilt will make your eyes dance.



ABOUT OUR QUILT - “GATHER ROUND” This quilt has the contemporary and traditional look with it’s bright solids and large white spaces. Each of us made a piece and then mailed it onto the next person on the timeline schedule. This way every piecer (we call ourselves “Peacers”) could inject their own personality using the assigned color palette and designing border/blocks of their own choosing. The improv part of the quilt design gives it that aspect of modern quilting. The use of the large white areas gives a touch of space in the design. As the quilt grew after a new border, it actually looked like a finished top that wasn’t quite big enough. No one person had to piece anything other than their own border. After each step of top completion the pictures were posted onto our group Facebook page. These picture posts became an “Ah” moment as we marveled at every addition. Our virtual meetings were positive and encouraging. We got to know a bit about each other and made “quilty” connections that now bind us together like the charity quilt we improv designed. Our quilt will be donated to Maddie’s Mark Foundation - A Nonprofit Charity for Children.

Cheyann Neades