Palindrome by the 'New Texagon'

By Claire Brown

Submitting a 2018 Charity Quilt started when Nancy Smith fell in love with the color palette.

She reached out to her daughter, Katie Millener, and family friends, Jenny Foster and Claire Brown. Together they formed New Texagon, an homage to their geographically diverse locations - New York, Texas, and

When the group started brainstorming, flying geese became a strong favorite. Claire and Jenny both wanted to try flying geese, and Katie had only ever pieced them. The block aligned well with the “Modern Traditionalism” theme.

In June, Nancy, Katie and Claire were all in New York and able to brainstorm additional ideas, like using a ombre effect or creating a star pattern.

After the brainstorm, Nancy worked her magic in EQ7 and created two designs, an Aunt Rachel’s star and a variation of a flying geese block with HSTs. Combined with the ombre effect, the flying geese block was the winner!

“Palindrome” was born.

Given the challenge of 4 quilters located all over the country, the ombre color choices allowed each quilter to be responsible for 12 blocks. Claire and Jenny made the pilgrimage to Fabric Depot in SE Portland, and Nancy wrote up the pattern and made the test block.

Over the course of the next few months, the blocks were made and sent to Nancy for assembly and quilting. The quilt was sent to Jenny for binding (her favorite activity), Claire for sleeve-making and attachment and sent to Pasadena from Portland, OR.

Although on paper it seems like this quilt went together easily, the process wasn’t without its challenges:
• Jenny received the Superhero Award for being the best natured, and the guinea pig. She fell victim to pattern mistakes twice - once with EQ7 miscalculating yardage, and again when Nancy made a 1⁄4 typo in her pattern instructions. Jenny made all her blocks twice - and she’s still willing to hang out with us!
• Nancy literally went through hell and high water. Her home in Port Aransas was affected by Hurricane Harvey. During evacuation, she placed all of the blocks in a plastic bin in an upstairs
closet; when she saw pictures of her home’s damage, the blocks were her first thought. It was almost a month before she could go back to her home, but thankfully the blocks were just fine!
• Katie picked up quilting for the first time in years with this project, sewing at night after her toddlers went to bed. We look forward to her being part of the New Texagon guild for many charity quilts to come.
• Claire is a new quilter, after garment sewing for 20 years. Nancy, Jenny and Katie were all wonderful enablers to get her involved in the project, start her stash, and dive head first into too many quilt projects to count.

Nancy will be auctioning this quilt and donating the proceeds to Homes for Marlins in Port Aransas, to assist those affected by Hurricane Harvey. New Texagon is very excited to see it on display!



Cheyann Neades