Harmony Crossing by the "Whistler Threadheads"

By Mary Forseth


The Whistler Threadheads live in the ski resort of Whistler, B.C, Canada. Nancy Norman, Liz Moser,
Carol Chernov and Mary Forseth make up the Threadheads.

When not skiing orsnowshoeing we are inspired by the beauty of this place. A favourite ski run, Harmony, influenced the look of our quilt along with inspiration from Brigitte Heitland.

Once we pulled the fabric to be used we made sample blocks to confirm the look we wanted. Each person made a number of blocks and then we came together several times to sew the final quilt top. Carol Chernov, of Twin Creeks Quilts, did the amazing free motion quilting.

Our favourite part of making this quilt was the time spent with each other, working together and
making it happen. Chocolate and tea helped, too.

This quilt will wrap a special person in warmth and love.

To learn more about the Whistler Threadheads, visit their Instagram @whistlerquilters.

Harmony Crossing

Harmony Crossing

Cheyann Neades