Charity Quilt by Jersey Shore MQG

By Brandy Borden

Our guild is made up of quilters across a wide range of ages, skill levels and with preferences for widely varied

Our goal in designing our 2018 QuiltCon Charity quilt was to design a quilt that represents who and where we are, what we do and how we do it.

Our Shorebird Quilt represents where we are on both the front and back. The Shorebird on the quilt top is constructed with wings consisting of various traditionally pieced
blocks made by our members and showcased in a modern way.

On the back we reversed the traditional and modern aspects with a large improvisational pieced panel that was cut into the shape of the state of New
Jersey and applied to the quilt back via the traditional means of Needle-turn appliqué. 

Our members worked as a team with each member showcasing their strongest skills from designing to piecing and through the process of quilting and binding!

We feel that it is a wonderful representation of who and where we are and what we love to do!

Visit #JerseyShoreModernQuiltGuild to learn more.

Cheyann Neades