Sunset by Rocket City Modern Quilt Guild

By Rocket City Modern Quilt Guild Member


As part of the regular operations of our guild, we regularly collaborate on quilts that we donate to our local St. Jude’s.

We have also come together to create special quilts for members who are currently undergoing a tough challenge. This year’s MQG charity challenge quilt was a natural extension of that effort.

We began by voting among several designs created by Katrina Elmore. We selected a modern update to the bear claw block which used asymmetry, scale and repetition. Rachel Reimers selected and purchased fabrics based on the assigned color scheme and Katrina and Rachel worked together to cut and kit up fabric for members.

Almost every member of the guild sewed at least one block together and Katrina assembled the top and backing (another original design which played with asymmetry, scale and repetition).

Jennifer Brown (Crazy Aunt Quilting) did custom long arm quilting using a different design in each section. The yellow section is quilted with flames representing the fire of the sun, the orange section is quilted with suns, the red with swirling clouds, the fuschia section with flat clouds, and the purple section with the night sky.

Mary Withington bound the final quilt and Cynthia Nail provided the labels.

Our guild greatly enjoyed working together. The bold, saturated color scheme was a delight to
work with and despite the patchwork being created by so many different quilters the top went
together smoothly. This is the first time many of our members will have a quilt that they
contributed to hanging in a quilt show, which is fun milestone!

Because the quilt is larger than the quilts requested by St. Jude’s, we plan to make use of this
quilt in a different way, potentially auctioning it off and donating the funds earned back to the St.
Jude’s program.

We enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with so many of our fellow guild members on a single
quilt and are already looking forward to next year’s challenge!

To learn more about the Rocket City Modern Quilt Guild @rocketcitymqg.



Cheyann Neades