Quilting & Fabric Challenges

Fabric challenges and QuiltCon quilt submissions are open to MQG members only. If you would like to participate, join the MQG at themqg.org/join.


American Patchwork & Quilting
Stripes Quilt Challenge

Introducing the American Patchwork & Quilting Stripes Quilt Challenge! For this challenge, participants are asked to create quilts using and inspired by stripes - like other categories, this category is eligible for judging and awards up to $1,000!

Official category description: Eligible quilts must feature stripes as a primary design element. Stripes may include but not be limited to: pieced stripes, fabric printed with stripes, single stripes, multiple stripes, etc.

There is no minimum size for the finished quilt. Maximum size is 100” per side.

The deadline for submissions is November 30, 2019 You can submit entries along with other QuiltCon submissions at quiltconentry.com.

The quilts featured above are by: Christine Ricks, Malka Dubrawsky, Steph Skardal, and Michelle Wilkie. Patterns are available free to members on our website.

Fabric Challenge Social.jpg

Me+You Indah Batik Fabric Challenge

We're excited to announce the Me+You Fabric Challenge for QuiltCon 2020! This year's fabrics include beautiful modern batiks from Me+You - Willow, Powder, Sea Breeze, and Chalk. Members will receive the signup link ia email on July 16, 2019 at 5pm EDT, 2pm PDT.

Each participant will receive four fat-eighths of the challenge fabric. Like previous fabric challenges, we have many more members than available fabric, so bundles are first-come, first-served. However, you can always participate by purchasing the fabric at your local shop. Everyone who signs up for the challenge should submit their quilt to the Fabric Challenge category at QuiltCon - like other categories, this category is eligible for judging and awards up to $1,000!

To be eligible, participants must use at least 3 of the 4 selected fabrics. Participants may use as many Me+You Indah Solids (Style #100) as desired. Binding and backing can be any Me+You or Hoffman fabric. Once completed, these quilts will be entered into the Me+You Fabric Challenge Category at QuiltCon. The top prize for this category is $1,000!

Official category description: Eligible quilts must use a minimum of three of the four selected challenge fabrics, and any number of Me+You Indah Solids. Additional Me+You or Hoffman prints or solids may be used on the backing and binding. All fabric will be shipped by mid-August. Quilt entries will be open July 1 to November 30, 2019 (the same as all QuiltCon show entries). Quilts can be submitted via the form at quiltconentry.com.

The SKU and official name of each fabric is below for assistance in locating in shops and online:

130-184 Willow

157-15 Powder

109-207 Sea Breeze

141-655 Chalk