Youth QuiltCon Quilt Submission Scholarship Application

Are you under 18 and the cost to submit your quilt to QuiltCon is prohibitive for you? We've created a scholarship for you! This scholarship is granted on an as needed basis. Please submit the following information in order for the MQG to determine if you qualify. Considering the small cost of the scholarship to the MQG, there is no limit to considered applications.

Please note that the following must apply:

  • Applicant is 18 years old or younger.
  • Applicant has a demonstrated need for the scholarship (as described in the application)
  • Applicant is a current MQG member (Junior MQG, Individual or local MQG).
  • Applicant has not yet submitted any quilts into QuiltCon
  • Only for submissions in the youth category 

Please email with any questions.



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